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"I never thought I would know what its like to have to outrun a tsunami. Now I finally do!"

You have been stranded on an island that is being constantly hit by tsunamis. People used to live on the island 40 or so years ago- when the tsunamis started coming- now all there is left are some buildings and a few tools. You must use your intellect, and speed, to survive the coming tsunamis before you can be rescued. Use the axe to chop your way through boxes, the lantern to see in the dark, or the gas mask to breathe underwater, run to the hills, or scale the lighthouse, just make sure to not get hit by the tsunami or you will not survive!

- Oculus Rift DK1 or DK2

- Intel Core i5 or Better

- Windows XP or better

- 8 GB System RAM

- 1 GB Video RAM

- 600 MB Disk Space

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